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The Tyring House
Lynn Thornton

‘Lynn Thornton’s poems in The Tyring House offer the reader unexpected versions of characters from Shakespeare’s plays; Ophelia is “distorted in stream,” exiled Cordelia is “corseted in a foreign tongue”. In these poems we perceive characters as metaphors. The poems perform acts of interpretation written in elegant contemporary English, making great literature, both old
and new, 
a celebration.’ Carmen Bugan


‘There is a bold and authoritative imagination at work here, The Tyring House is a volume of considerable authority.’ Francis Warner


Lynn Thornton lives in Oxford where she tutors in English Literature and Creative Writing at Hertford College, she also runs a poetry workshop. She
has an MA in creative writing from Royal Holloway University of London. Her poems have been published in numerous magazines and periodicals.
She has been short listed or highly recommended in several poetry competitions She has a lifelong passion for Shakespeare and the theatre, reflected in her poetry.

The Tyring House by Lynn Thornton
Read by Ryan Ellsworth

Fortinbras by Lynn Thornton
Read by Ryan Ellsworth

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