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ii. Decoding the Dark, Catherine Faulds, William Wootton, The TLS, December 2020

‘As befits a book whose theme is the twenty-four-hour darkness of Arctic days, Catherine Faulds’s Decoding the Dark (Poet’s House Pamphlets, £6) is altogether softer on the eye. Along with a visual artist’s flair for the arrangement of the page, and a strong ecological awareness, Faulds has a gift for communicating the feel of a place. By the end of the pamphlet, the reader too has joined the locals, braving the sunless world of whale and bear,


the blowing snow,
the ice wind; the days of arming
themselves in thermals, fur boots,
padded parkas, watching the temperature,
packing the bear gun

William Wootton, The TLS, December 11, 2020

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