Forthcoming from Poet's House Pamphlets in 2022, titles by Meg Barton and Michael Daniels.

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I'd still have been annoyed about the
Meg Barton

Meg Barton was born in Manchester, but has lived all of her adult life in Oxford, where she worked in publishing. She is also an amateur artist and cartoonist. She likes to cast a humorous, or sometimes nostalgic, eye over life's major or minor predicaments. Her poems have appeared in a number of anthologies and magazines, including Snakeskin, Orbis, The Interpreter's House, and Lighten Up Online.

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Ravenser Odd

Michael Daniels

Michael Daniels has worked as an Art Psychotherapist in the NHS for the past twenty five years, specialising in work with children, young people and families. He has been writing poetry and prose for longer still, and in 2015 graduated from the Oxford University MSt. Creative Writing programme with Distinction. He is currently working on new poems and a prose work on the nature of reality and the value of art in making sense of it. This is his first pamphlet of poems.